Health Services Research

Health services research examines the impact that various factors have on the ability for individuals to access health care services. In our work, we focus on the impact that geographic access has on the ability for individuals to receive necessary medical services.


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Invited Talks

Speaker and Session Chair: Geospatial Approaches to Cancer Care Delivery; National Cancer Institute. September 2016. Bethesda, MD

Plenary Speaker: Cancer Control and Populations from a Geospatial Perspective; National Cancer Institute. September 2016. Bethesda, MD

Access, Utilization, and Mortality in Relation to Specialized Care for African American and Caucasian Medicare Cancer Patients. American Association for Cancer Research. September 2007. Atlanta, GA

Conference abstracts

Developing a Method of Transferring Healthcare Research Data from Data Broker to Researcher: Interactive Secure Institutional Data Release Overseer (ISIDRO). American Medical Informatics Association. March 2017. San Francisco, CA

Assessing Access to Cancer Care Facilities in the U.S. Association of American Geographers. February 2010, Washington, DC

Funded Projects

R21CA212687. Automated delineation of cancer service areas. National Cancer Institute. Role: Principal Investigator

2P30CA023108-37S4; Assessing population measurement for cancer control across the rural-urban continuum; National Cancer Institute. Role: Project Leader (Supplement to NCI Core Grant, Mark Israel PI)

Influence of race and place of service on treatment patterns and outcomes for African American and Caucasian cancer patients.American Cancer Society. Role: Principal Investigator